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Rise To Remain

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Video: May The Tempest / Mix & Recording: McGallagher Recordings


„HUSSAAH!“ – If you’ve seen them, you know it; if not, you’ll love it. That’s how the five guys in May the Tempest from Munich get into the right mood before every performance.

They’re not too shy to show what they are like, especially in one of their first videos – Bad Blood. You would like to jump in and join in. „The five guys walked around Munich with the Selfie-Stick and shot one of the most wicked low-budget music clips in a long time,“ R. Argauer reports in 2016 in: „Young People – Band of the Week“ in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

In their songs, massive breakdowns and fierce shouts result in a gripping interplay that makes everything swirl. And we all know: „Whoever swirls longer swirls better.“

May The Tempest (Lucci // Shouts, Jonas//Guitar+Clean Vocals, Andi//Guitar, Patrick//Drums, and Roley//Bass) dropped their debut EP „Siren“ in October 2015, followed by the single „Bitter Taste“ in summer 2016. They played regionally and nationally and toured with metalcore legends „Miss May I“ in 2018.
With their current singles „Different“ (Jan 2020), „Ghost“ (February 2020), and „Nowhere“ (March 2020), they were able to play a sold-out headliner show in the Munich Backstage Werk in summer 2020, as well as support for „Annisokay“ on the summer stage of the Munich Olympic Stadium.

The three singles are the first taste of their debut album „Rise To Remain,“ which will be released as soon as Corona has swirled away.

Peace // MTT


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