• Bitter Taste

    May The Tempest

    Bitter Taste

    Metalcore/Post-Hardcore aus München. "Bitter Taste" out now!

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Produced, Rec, Mix, Master by Roley McGallagher @Riverside Recordings. Vocal Editing by Johnny O'Hara.



"HUSSAAH!" Quite simple and a bit awkward - that's how the five guys in May The Tempest start their gigs with crossed arms. Their style of presenting their music and lyrics stands in contrast to this cheezy ritual.

When the "Hardcore" band, consisting of Philipp (Shouts), Jonas (guitar, clean vocals), Andi (guitar), Lukas (bass) and Patrick (drums), was founded at the end of 2014, it soon became clear that no member of this constellation could be replaced - the friendship behind all this contributes most of their common passion - music.

Massive breakdowns and fierce shouts create a gripping interplay in their songs that makes heads shake. Besides the EPs "Siren" (2015) and "Bitter Taste" (2016) there is both amateur and professional video material which is going to be crowned with their debut album in the end of 2018.

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We are always ready for new gigs, just email us or give us a call. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Lukas Schneidt
+49 176 70325537

Heßstraße 51
80798 München

Philipp Peters
+49 174 1831831

Bräuhausstr. 6
80331 München

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