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Camera: Bernhard Schinn / Video: May The Tempest / Mix & Recording: McGallagher Recordings


"HUSSAAH!" Quite simple and a bit awkward - that's how the five dudes in May The Tempest start their gigs with crossed arms. Their style of presenting their music and lyrics stands in contrast to this cheezy ritual.

May The Tempest (Lucci//Shouts, Jonas//Guitar+Clean Vocals, Andi//Guitar, Patrick//Drums and Roley//Bass) released their Debut EP „Siren“ in 2015, followed by their single “Bitter Taste” in 2016, which allowed them to hop on tour with metal core legends “Miss May I” in 2017.

Their new single "DIFFERENT" came out 21-02-2020!

And they lived happily ever after. But wait, there is more...


We are always ready for new gigs, just email us or give us a call. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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